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All the Wrong LessonsPhantom, Prothesis, Traveller, Study for a Head, Monument, Untitled (Necklace), Parallels (Milk), Less Work for Mother, Doors (from Memory), Empire, Where I Lived, and What I Lived For, How to Disappear Completely, Cabin, Untitled (Fountain), Untitled (Pendulum), Wire Mother, Father Sings, Intra12 Hz, 37°C, Ghost, Garda


Laminated glass, anodised aluminum, electro-dynamic exciter, amplifier, audio file
268 x 550 cm

Four panes of window glass in metal frames form a floor-to-ceiling partition straight down the exhibition room. They are set in vibration by electro-dynamic exciters and produce an uneven, nervous clanging in the process.

Exhibition ,Less Work for Motherʻ, Museum Villa Stuck Munich, 2018 / Photo: Jann Awerverser