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All the Wrong Lessons, Phantom, Prothesis, Traveller, Study for a Head, Monument, Untitled (Necklace), Parallels (Milk), Less Work for Mother, Doors (from Memory), Empire, Where I Lived, and What I Lived For, How to Disappear Completely, Cabin, Untitled (Fountain), Untitled (Pendulum), Wire Mother, Father Sings, Intra12 Hz, 37°C, Ghost, Garda

All the Wrong Lessons

Felt-tip pen on paper, 19 x 14.8 cm (drawings by Bernhard Hartard), metal casket made of galvanised sheet steel, 20 x 16 x 2.4 cm, magnets

My father attempts to draw a circle freehand that is as perfect as possible. I have asked my father to produce a page every day during the duration of the exhibition and to send it by post to the museum. The drawing is replaced daily.

Exhibition ,Less Work for Motherʻ, Museum Villa Stuck Munich, 2018 / Photo: Jann Awerverser