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Doors (from Memory)

Silicone rubber
Each 1.7 x 75 x 165 cm

The gas chamber in Hartheim Castle was located between an examination room―from which victims, in groups of thirty to sixty people, were brought to be gassed―and an equipment room containing an iron pipe which led into the gas chamber and was used to introduce the carbon monoxide. According to witness Adam Golebskiʼs recollections, both sides of the chamber had a door made of “iron, sealed with rubber and with massive latches; in the door was a small, round peephole.” According to a witness statement from the mason  Erwin Lambert, two doors were built, the same as “used for air-raid shelters”, thus presumably standard bunker doors. To cover their tracks, in 1944/45 the doors were removed and the passages were closed. Excavation work later established that the dimensions of the walled-in doorways between the gas chamber and equipment room corresponded to the DIN 4104 pre-standard, the standardised norm for ʻgas-tight roomsʼ. The two castings of soft rubber are based on these dimensions.

Exhibition ,Less Work for Motherʻ, Museum Villa Stuck Munich, 2018 / Photos: Jann Awerverser